DiamLite’s fluorescent diamonds are prepared with a patented process.

The intense, stable over time and persistent fluorescence in our diamonds results from the presence of NV centers (Nitrogen-Vacancy centers) within the diamond crystal. Those NV centers are created during annealing, by associating a nitrogen (N) atom introduced within the crystal lattice during diamond synthesis, and a carbon vacancy (V) produced by an electronic beam.

Our diamonds are non-toxic, which ensures safe use, recycling and elimination.

DiamLite’s fluorescent diamonds assets are:

  • Fluorescence: intense, quantifiable, with indefinite photo-stability, without photobleaching nor blinking, brighter than commonly used probes (organic dyes and Quantum Dots);
  • Adaptable size: 5 μm down to 4 nm;
  • Chemical and physical stability: no alteration of the fluorescence after marking or handling;
  • Unique physical properties: hardness, conductivity, high refractive index;
  • Biocompatibility: no intrinsic toxicity;
  • Industrial and controlled production method;
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to existing solutions;
  • Accessible further-processing by the end user, even incorporation during its own manufacturing process;
  • Easy detection without specific optical device.


Our diamonds can be customized depending on the application. We can functionalize their surface and then easily couple them with various compounds, which provides several chemical properties including stabilization in extreme conditions.

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